Clint provides free and confidential consultations and he welcomes the opportunity to meet and discuss your case.

As an associate, and later as a partner, at two regional law firms over the course of two decades, Clint has substantial civil trial experience in both state and federal court in D.C. and Virginia.

He also has considerable experience resolving cases outside the courtroom via mediation, arbitration, and mandatory dispute resolution. Clint understands that whether you have been physically injured or otherwise harmed or sued, the key to obtaining the best possible result for your client is fully knowing the facts, understanding the issues, and being better prepared than your opponent.

Here are some examples of Negligence & Torts cases Clint has handled in the past:

  • Represented commercial driver whose fully-loaded tractor-trailer collided with a VDOT truck at 60 mph destroying truck and seriously injuring a worker installing road reflectors on I-95. The VDOT worker sued client driver and his trucking company for his injuries. Jury returned a verdict in favor of client defendants.
  • Represented special police officers sued in federal court for violations of 42 U.S. Code §1983 and excessive use of force in the detention and arrest of a man they pepper sprayed when they mistakenly believed he was selling illegal drugs. Successfully mediated settlement to clients’ satisfaction.
  • Represented grocery store sued for serious personal injuries sustained by shopper who fell in puddle on floor and allegedly sustained a traumatic brain injury. Jury rendered a verdict in favor of client defendant.
  • Represented driver who collided with a cyclist competing in a road race. Jury returned a verdict in favor of client defendant driver.